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About Our Tags
& Preprints
"If your labels or tags aren’t durable enough to give you
lifetime identity, you should call us.”

InfoSight Corporation has been putting barcodes on metal tags for over 20 years.

Our preprint service started when a customer asked us for a tag that forklift drivers could see without getting down from their seat. Next they asked if we would print those tags so it wouldn't disrupt their regular operations.

Since then InfoSight has become a leader in a highly specialized field: custom printed metal tags with text, images and barcodes, for use in places which destroy paper labels, plastic tags and directly applied inks or paints. Today we preprint 17 special purpose tags. Their range of use includes:

  • Extreme heat, including total emersion in molten zinc
  • Emersion in heated caustics and acids
  • Withstanding heavy abrasion
  • Enduring extended weathering
  • And surviving in maritime environments.

Usually, preprint customers have considered buying one of our printers, only to find preprints are more cost efficient. Our typical preprint buyer is an industrial operations manager or quality control director. They work in:

  • Steel and Wire Mills
  • Galvanizers
  • Product manufacturing
  • Water and power utilities
  • Pre-Cast Concrete yards
  • Metal fabrication shops
  • Chemical or petrochemical plants
  • Plant Maintenance companies
  • Forges
  • Repair Depots
  • Major Equipment Rental

Our tags are surprisingly adaptable. They are in use by off-shore oil rigs, military repair depots, medical device manufacturers, university medical schools… even a well know circus!

If your current tagging system isn't durable enough, please give us a call. We will:

  • Listen
  • Recommend a tag to fit your needs
  • Offer you free samples to confirm our tags will withstand your application
  • Help you design your tag
  • Explain how to email us your data
  • And take your payment through a secure online system.

The easiest way to find out which tags are right for you is to call us. The number is 740-642-3600 (Eastern Time zone). Or, email us at and we can arrange a convenient time to talk with you.

For Extreme Heat and Acids

For Fabricators, Galvanizers, Steel Erectors

For High Value Assets

For Special Applications

About Our Tags and Preprints

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  All InfoSight preprinted tags are proudly made and printed at InfoSight's facility in Chillicothe, Ohio.
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