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Steel Erectors
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PaintTag™ HCl & H2SO4 rinsing, followed by painting and delivery. Tracking parts and assemblies through acid cleaning to spray or electrostatic painting and customer delivery. Metal fabricator or manufacturer.
ShotTag™ Shot Blast + Paint + Delivery. Tracking parts and assemblies through Wheelabrator and Shot Blast cleaning, then painting and delivery. Metal fabricator or manufacturer.
KettleTag®PLUS Hot Dip Galvanizing - NaOH, ZnCl or NH4Cl, followed by HCl or H2SO4 and emersion in molten zinc. Tracking parts and assemblies through all stages of the hot dip galvanizing process. Metal fabricator or manufacturer.
GrateTag™ Special design for long term traceability of galvanized metal grates. Specialty galvanizing, through to delivery and installation. Access and drainage grate manufacturers.

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