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We Print Metal Tags
Print-to-Order Metal Tags with Text and Barcodes
Extreme Heat and Acids
Painting and Galvanizing
High Value Assets
Special Applications
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Capability Applications Environments
Extreme Heat and Acid Cleaning Temperatures up to 1800°F
Atmospheric and oxygen-free heat cycles up to 48 hours
Steel, Wire and Aluminum Mills
Metal Foundries and Forges
Annealing Processes
Cleaning and Coating Steel Caustics, Acids
Paints, Powder Coats
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Shot Blasting and Painting
Acid Cleaning and Painting
Extreme Weathering and Abrasion -120°F to 500°F
Highly UV Resistant
Oil and Lubricant Resistant
Asset ID for Outdoor Products
Inventory ID for Outdoor Storage
Transportation and Delivery Tags
Special Applications Precast Concrete
Database Start-up
GUID Programs
Color Coded Tags
ID from Production to Delivery
Simple Tags to Begin a ID program
High Value Asset Nameplates
Immediate and At-a-Distance Identification
InfoSight Corporation is a world leader in technologies for industrial identity systems. One of our specialties is barcode-ready metal tags designed to work wherever paper labels, plastic tags, inks and paints cannot provide lifetime identity.
Selecting the right tag for your application can be confusing. We encourage customers to test our tags in their processes - free tag samples insure you get the right tag the first time. To get samples, to ask questions or voice a concern regarding any of InfoSight's industry-leading products, please contact us. Our customer service and technical representatives have the knowledge and experience to assist you with ordering, understanding product specifications, selecting a tag attachment method, and much more.


Environments that destroy or obscure paper labels, plastic tags, ink or paint markings

Product Manufacturers

Aluminum, Steel and Wire Mills

Metal Fabricators and Galvanizers

Plant and Factory Maintenance Providers

Organizations complying with Unique Identity regulations


Primary Metals

Oil & Gas

Heavy Equipment

Power Generation

Product Manufacturers

Government UID

 All InfoSight preprinted tags are proudly made and printed at InfoSight's facility in Chillicothe, Ohio.


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